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Top Mother’s Day Gifts From Small Businesses

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, partners and children across the nation are searching for that perfect gift to show the mum(s) in their life how loved they are. I think it’s amazing that people want to support small independent businesses like Apples & Pips, and we certainly have some beautiful gifts available to show your mum how much you care.

Now certain TV ads may have you believe that all we really want is anti ageing cream, while anecdotally many of us would love for Mother’s Day to NOT fall on the Sunday of the dreaded clock change. I don’t believe that ageing is a bad thing and I can’t change time, so instead I’ve put together an Apples & Pips exclusive Positive Wellbeing Gift Set just in time for March 31st , and am showcasing it here along with my favourite picks from other gorgeous small UK businesses.

Apples & Pips Positivity and Wellbeing Gift Set

This is a beautiful gift which encourages the recipient to practice gratitude and develop a positive mindset, with some gorgeous lifestyle products thrown in for good measure. I’m a firm believer that the thoughts and feelings you allow into your mind have an incredible impact upon your whole life, so make them good ones!

With these carefully designed and curated gifts, mum can enjoy a nice mug of her favourite hot drink and some chocolate while she’s looking after her nails then thinking about what she’s grateful for.

£1 from every sale is donated to Mind, helping them support people with mental health illness.

Positivity and Wellbeing Gift Set - A perfect gift to aid a positive and grateful mindset, while supporting Mind charity. Shop now at Apples & Pips.

Buy the Positive Wellbeing Gift Set

Ada & Alfred Clothing

I’ve long been a fan of Alex’s gorgeous products, and from dressing my two children in her animal design leggings, to having 3 tees, 2 hoodies, and 1 jumper of my own, I had to include Ada & Alfred on this list.

My personal favourite is her comfortable and fun ‘Motherhoodie’, but whether it’s an ode to tea, coffee, or wine that would work for your mum, a reminder that in stressful times ‘…and breathe’ should be the motto, or one of Alex’s brand new Mother’s Day exclusive designs, you’re spoilt for choice.

Ada and Alfred 'Motherhoodie'

Shop the Ada & Alfred Women’s Collection

Mum’s Back Food and Drink Hamper

Buying for a new mum? Give her the gift of everything she had to give up during pregnancy! I love the concept behind these luxury hampers, with a variety of options to suit all tastes. It’s also great to know that like with Apples & Pips purchases, every hamper sold means a donation to maternal mental health charity PANDAS.

Shop Mum’s Back Hampers

Mums in Business Books

I’m a mum, I own and run a business. It’s hard work and sometimes it’s a relief and an inspiration to read the stories of others who have been where I am.

If you’re buying for a woman who has – or wants to start – their own business, then these are my top 3 picks:

Crystal Sets and Jewellery

Crystals may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m a huge fan and for our wedding anniversary last year Phil bought me a wooden trinket box filled to the brim with them.

For pendants and bracelets, as well as crystal sets for specific needs (anxiety, energy, sleep etc) Crystal Harmony is always one of my first ports of call. I also love the variety of products at The Psychic Tree, where I bought a simple yet stunning lava stone carrier necklace last year.

Beautiful crystal and lava rock jewellery for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day After Loss

This is such a sensitive topic, and while it could be that some parents may not want to think about Mother’s Day after the loss of a child, some may appreciate a token to show that you’re thinking of them and know that they are – and always will be – a mummy to that child or children. Likewise it could be that you or someone close to you has lost their on mum or mother figure. There is absolutely no right or wrong way to grieve, and you can only go with what feels right when it comes to gifts.

I adore the jewellery from Hunter and the Three Bears, and a year ago when my Nan passed away as I stroked her hair, I bought myself a bracelet with her initial engraved on it. For me, this is a beautiful way to keep her close to me, especially on significant dates.

I hope that this has given you some ideas if you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift – you’ll need to get your orders in quick though, as both stock and time are limited for these lovely products. If you’re buying for your own mum or mum of your children then click on the product links to buy, and if you’re compiling a wish list to give your offspring a helping hand, then get the links over to them ASAP!

Even if you’re sorted for Mother’s Day on March 31st, these beautiful small businesses offer wonderful products all year round so please do follow us all on social media, and recommend us to your friends and family too. Your support can make a huge difference.

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